Driven: what we all do, in 4 words

Most of us know Maslov’s pyramid of needs (physical needs, safety, affection, recognition, and fulfilment). Still a pretty strong model, but I found a more recent
model of what drives us to be even more compelling (by Lawrence and Nohria). Four “drives” or “needs” that indeed seem to cover all of our (meaningful) behavior. No hierarchy or pyramid; they run in parallel. In fact, it is easy to see that they can easily run in overdrive. Check the model and plot your and others’ behavior in it.


What to do with this — in business or in private — is pretty straightforward. Make sure that people get the material things they want, avoid nasty competition,
explain inequality, limitations, and possibilities. Make sure to facilitate a pleasant climate to bond, avoid conflicting bonding of sub-groups. Make sure that
people are encouraged to grow, avoid fear of mistakes and dominant behavior that blocks them. Make sure you & the company radiate protectiveness, avoid
losing the personal touch.

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