Leadership kind of people are the busy type. A million things to mind. Yet these can be quite easily clustered – Quinn offers a handy framework that revolves around two axes: [1] you have to attend to things inside and outside the organization, and [2] some things should be kept a good grip on, and in some domains you have to move along with others/life. That leads to this overview.

Quinn leadership framework

So there are four key areas to attend to:

  • Growth
  • People
  • Results
  • Processes

Logical as this may seem, many organizations (i.e. their leaders) appear to have a bias in one of the four fields, neglecting the others. And then you may become, for instance, a bureaucracy.

So you may feel attracted to a certain domain, and by consequence have your attention predominantly there (e.g. because you are more interested in doing exciting stuff than in processes, or in optimizing profit rather than doing exciting stuff). But the quadrants are not a matter of choice. The axes show that they constitute a complete spectrum of balanced leadership attention. So Quinn provides you with the radar that can help prevent getting trapped into your own blind spots.

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